A better *safer* way to clean your turf


Like the day you installed it.

Keep your turf looking and smelling brand new

Our powerful turf cleaner eliminates odors using Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide Technology — the key ingredient in knocking out odor and grime without soaking your turf in chemicals.


Keep kids and pets safe

Remove Pet Odors


Benefits of using Turf Aid:

• Proper maintenance — Keep kids and pets safe from grime
• One-step cleaning — No pre-cleaning, mixing, or rinsing required
• Powerful ingredients — Eliminate offensive odor-causing germs
• Don't mask pet odors — remove them
• Safe for daily use — Bleach & phosphate free

Praise for Turf Aid

Jodi D. (Cardiff, CA)

So happy I found Turf Aid; my turf is like new!!!

All day long I have kids and dogs playing on our turf, and using Turf Aid regularly always keeps it safe, clean and smelling fresh! I almost got rid of my turf due to the bad smells before I found this product because the other supposed turf cleaners just don't work.

John C. (Solana Beach, CA)

I cannot speak highly enough of Turf Aid!

This remarkable product has completely transformed my artificial turf, making it smell and look like it's brand new! Not only did it eliminate all the pesky pet odors that had been lingering, but it also worked wonders in restoring the overall appearance of my turf. I was skeptical at first, but after using Turf Aid, I am a true believer!

Ted M. (Long Beach, CA)

No more smelly turf!!!

If you're tired of your artificial turf smelling like a funky pet odor factory, then Turf Aid is your knight in shining armor! I couldn't believe my eyes (or nose) after using this magical product. It turned my artificial turf from drab to fab, making it look and smell like new again. Say goodbye to those embarrassing pet odors that make your neighbors wrinkle their noses in disgust. Turf Aid really works wonders!